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Promoting Economic Activity and Growth

Banyule Economic Development Plan Summary
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The Banyule Economic Development Plan provides a five year strategy to guide and promote economic activity and growth in the municipality.

The Banyule City Council engaged Hybrid Expression to produce three publications that communicate their guide for economic development services over the next five years. All three publications needed to adopt a consistent theme to align with Banyule Business’ communications, inclusive of their new brand colour scheme. While delivering the vision and strategic objectives of the plan it was important that the publications were contemporary and highly engaging, utilising imagery that represented the local businesses who contribute significantly to the local economy and make Banyule a great place to live, work and play.

Ivanhoe Melbourne Graphic Design


The Economic Development Plan summary is one of the three documents developed. The summary being an overview of the plan in a quick reference format.

We designed a document that was highly engaging with energy and movement by creating a small landscape flip-book that combined local flavour imagery with colour and typography, highlighting key elements contained within the main Economic Development Plan publication.


The Economic Development Plan summary now provides a quick reference point for communicating Banyule's economic development agenda for the next five years, internally, to local/state government and the Banyule community.
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