Corpus Medicorum Season 2017

Corpus Medicorum

Fantasy, Power & Pictures

Melbourne, Australia
Orchestra banner artwork


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Concert Branding Concept


Corpus Medicorum have established themselves as one of Melbourne’s much loved orchestras, consisting solely of doctors, medical students and health professionals. We were privileged to once again work with them to develop their 2017 concert series brand and collateral for the three concerts held at the Melbourne Recital Centre throughout the year.

It was vital that the design solution express the quintessence of each themed concert – French Fantasy, Prokofiev Power & Pictures, combined to provide a visual representation for the overall theme – imagery!


Melbourne Recital Centre Backlit Poster


Hybrid Expression created the overall composition to include whimsical foliage and a surreal environment to depict ‘Fantasy’. The bright colours contrasting against a dark background and the solid partial hexagon created strength and ‘Power‘. The hexagon shape also provides a frame to unite the graphics and is symbolism for the concert ‘Pictures

Three instruments including the Violin, Viola and Piano further support the overall theme ‘Imagery‘ and were selected based on their role in each concert for the 2017 series.

Final Note

The concert branding supports the elegance and power of Corpus Medicorum. Traits of which their audience and supporters have come well accustomed to.
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