Corpus Medicorum Season 2016

Corpus Medicorum

2016 Takes Corpus Medicorum to Japan

Osaka, Japan - Melbourne, Australia


  • Brand Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Large Format Poster Design
  • Concert Program Design
Corpus Medicorum


With the success of the 2015 concert series collateral, hx. was asked to develop the new collateral for the 2016 concert series with the incorporation of vibrant colour and of a Japanese theme representing the energy of the orchestra and the upcoming performances in Osaka.


The Illustration is representative of contemporary Japanese textiles and paper. Created by incorporating elements used throughout history in Japanese artwork, design and fabrics. Mountains which depict sacred places between heaven and earth and symbolise unyielding and strength, the Plum Blossom known as the ‘Flower of Peace’. A protective charm against evil, it also represents longevity, renewal and perseverance. Identified by rounded petals. The Cherry Blossom symbolises new beginnings, renewal, beauty and the transience of life and the Seigaiha which is a pattern of overlapping circles, symbolic of waves and the flow of life and good fortune.

Final Note

As well as being symbols representative of Japanese culture their meaning reflects what Corpus Medicorum wishes for their patients and audience; Strength, peace, renewal and good fortune.
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