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Building pride in a community

Cultural differences and demographic diversity can make it challenging to evoke a commitment to support community engagement and participation.
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  • Branding & Creative
  • Illustration
  • Communication & Promotional Assets
  • Wordpress Prototyping
  • Online Competition
  • Social Media Integration
  • Development & Deployment
Garden Competition


Banyule City Council in partnership with a local community group initiated a community Garden Competition in West Heidelberg to reward those who put effort into maintain front yards and nature strips and encourage others to do the same. We worked with Council to develop branding for the overall look and feel of the campaign that would be carried across all communication used in promoting the competition and for the website developed for participants to enter the competition.

To capture the minds of and reach a diverse audience in West Heidelberg and encourage participation our solution had to be irresistible, energetic and fun.

The online component of the competition had to be incorporated into the existing ilove3081 website, utilising WordPress as the CMS platform to enable the administrator to manage the competition processes from submission, and approval through to reporting.

Gardening Identity


The main visual component which forms the identity of the competition is drawn from our initial discussions of building pride into the community. With the use of a shield along with photographic and illustrated elements which represent the competition categories, together creatively form a modern ‘eclectic’ crest which traditionally is a representation of pride, strength and virtue.

To strengthen the appeal to the diverse community that made up West Heidelberg there were 5 varying prize categories for entrants to select from. Each category represented by a custom illustration included edible garden, native garden, recycled garden, shared garden and small or vertical garden. To encourage social sharing and further participation from the community, a Peoples Choice award category was also on offer.

The website acted as a means for participants to enter the Garden Competition, upload before and after photos of their gardens and, share their story, along with the capacity for people to vote for their favourite garden entry.

UI Design Online Competition


The competition was greatly received by residence and the community. Many took it as an opportunity to create a garden where they could share in its benefits, inspire by showing what is possible and establishing a real community hub. With the inclusion of the voting an additional 1200 of the public eganged in the online participation of the competition.


"With the entries uploaded the webpage looks really dynamic! And I can see people voting, which demonstrates that the social elements are working. Well done!"

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