Eastern Health Interactive Map

Eastern Health

Mapping out the East

Eastern Health provide positive health experiences for people and communities with over 50 facilities and 9 major sites in the east.
UI Interactive Map Design


Eastern Health’s major sites span all over Melbourne’s Eastern Region and both Federal and State Government relationships play an important role with the ongoing development and improvement in the Health Industry. Hybrid Expression was selected to design and develop an interactive map for internal use that allows staff to easily capture information for each site and their relationship with both State and Federal Governments.


A combination of both text and graphic navigation work coherently to provide flow and ease of use for personnel with varying degrees of online experience with the use of colour coded overlays and menu items that clearly depict site locations and State and Federal boundaries. Information is easily accessible for each site via a multi-faceted drop down menu.


The interactive map has been positively received and is now being widely used by Eastern Health personnel as a tool for effective productivity. Version 2.0 is now been implemented with updates to content and map overlays.
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