Bell St. Mall Infrastructure

Banyule City Council

A brighter future for the Bell St. Mall

What if you could inform the public of future growth and development and still get them engage in the project?
Bell St Mall Upgrades


Reflecting community and trader feedback received over a number of years, the Bell Street Mall Traders Association and Banyule City Council wanted to see a safer Mall and encourage greater community use of the Mall at different times of the day and evening by making it a more welcoming place. Grant funds provided by the Department of Justice and Council enabled the council and traders association to go ahead with plans for a safer Mall.

Informing the general public of infrastructure upgrades can generate apprehension within the community. By commissioning Hybrid Expression in promoting the future infrastructure upgrades at Bell St. Mall, Council looked to encourage engagement from the local community and avoid any foreseen trepidation. We were asked to promote the project and the opportunity for people to hear more via a series of community information sessions though developing a strong key visual that would be carried across various communication material including posters and information flyers.


It was important to consider the multifaceted levels of information needed to be communicated to the general public in order to promote the project and engage the local community; How the upgrades will bring about a more welcoming place and encourage locals to become involved in making positive changes at the Bell St Mall. It was essential that the key visual we produced, represented development and progress while effectively communicating positive change that will see a brighter future for the Bell St Mall along with reflecting a safer more welcoming place to visit.

Illustration was used to encapsulate the essence of community, future thinking, safety and development. The style of illustration and the language created to communicate the message is bright and friendly to appeal to the broad community while injecting elements of the Bell St Mall for familiarity. The Tagline we developed for the campaign “A brighter Future for Bell St. Mall” Not only reflects upon the upgrades for growth but also the types of changes that are intended, including improved lighting and updating the central space as well as. The illustration is a representation of the future of the Mall. Presenting the message within the illustration as a banner carried by birds depicts the future of the Mall as one that the entire community can celebrate.

The result is a bright, fun and friendly image that supports the intended message.

Shopping Centre Poster Design


The Banyule City Council attested to investing in a suite of resources can pay dividends indicated through the following highlights:

  • Use of the “Brighter Future” logo on Council’s website to encourage online submissions, receiving 38 responses which they were happy with.
  • The flyer mail out resulted in a number of people attending the drop in sessions, or phoning with comments which they may not otherwise have received.
  • The flyer was on display at our customer service counter, available for customers to take. Several customers seen taking the flyers then present at one of the drop in sessions.
  • The inclusion of community languages in the flyer induced one resident to call asking for an Auslan interpreter – which was a great highlight in terms of respectful engagement.


"Promotion of the community consultation program certainly encouraged people to attend or provide their comments. No doubt aided by the ‘bright’ promotional material. So thanks for your creative work."
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