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When we start to look at the year ahead and the business as a whole we can develop a clear understanding of the company vision while rising above the everyday operations. Sometimes we get distracted and caught up with what is on our desk and the smaller projects at hand that we forget about looking ahead to see what needs to be planned in order to get new projects and initiatives happening that will see growth in the business. Planning for future growth doesn’t have to be all numbers and figures.

So how can we rise above the every day activities of the business and begin to really see the growth and achieve the revenue we’ve been seeking?

Having a process of achieving objectives for the year through setting goals, planning in advance and being strategic about how we accomplish these goals will be the difference between the business remaining stagnant or the driving force behind it’s success.

I think the quote “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” By Benjamin Franklin is a little harsh, I don’t think businesses set out to fail, it’s more not knowing how best to succeed. But having a vision and putting a plan in place will definitely see you move closer to your vision of success.

Having a marketing and promotional calendar with planned content gives clarity to the overall vision of the company and enables you to plan projects that have purpose and align with core objectives. It also becomes easy to excite staff on new initiatives when they have focus, and know how best to spend their time on a daily basis which creates an environment for success.

The promotional marketing calendar is your companies vision for success.
Promotional Marketing Calendar

Some of the goals we may look at as priorities for business may include;

  • Increasing revenue and net profit.
  • The number of unique visitors to the company website with conversion metrics.
  • The numbers of product and/or services you have in the market place
  • Or the number of clients you serve.

Once you have determined what your priorities are you can begin to create a marketing calendar, set marketing initiatives and content delivery around reaching these goals.

Let’s look at the objective of increasing the number of isitors to the website with conversion metrics as a goal.

With this as your priority you might look to introduce several list building campaigns. For example you can offer a free webinar series or a downloadable ebook. If you have products which you sell you could offer a dollar amount off the product to subscribers. Coming up with a campaign which offers your audience compelling incentives is an intelligent way to kickstart your list building efforts. Whatever it is, be sure that these initiatives are aligned with your key message as well as offering high value to your customer.

The best way to apply these initiatives.

The best way to apply these initiatives is to take a look at the year ahead, month by month. Is there anything throughout the year, particular holidays or events that align with your message? Are there companies with an upcoming event that promote to a similar target audience? By scheduling your campaigns around these events it allows you to be strategic in delivering content that is targeted and more valuable to you audience. If your prospects are already thinking about the topic it makes it easier to engage with them through your message.

Sometimes companies are unsure of the type of content to deliver or of the best timing. With specific dates selected and your pre determined campaigns in place you are now able to structure your message and topics around these main campaigns. Each video, blog post and social media engagement that you use to build interest for each promotion is now being implemented for a specific reason. Timely relevant content is now easily delivered rather than adhoc posts with no direction or focus.

Going through these steps to build your marketing calendar will give you clarity for your current position, where you want to be at the end of the year, and now clear steps to getting there. Having a plan that is visual enables you to express your ideas in a lucid manner that not only informs others but excites and encourages participation.

Next step is to get those exciting marketing campaigns started!

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Image Credit: Illustration by Melanie Miles

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