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You most likely have heard of the recent update to Google’s search algorithm to boost page rankings of mobile-friendly web pages which has been dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ and consistent with the similar sounding block buster movie staring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, it has received hot and cold reviews from all the critics.

All reports thus far (9.5.15) have not shown significant drops in page rankings for online mobile searches. However, this is the beginning, not the end and Google’s push towards mobile friendly web sites should not be disregarded.

So, what makes a mobile unfriendly website?

The use of software such as Flash, Links that are not spaced out enough and content that is too small to read which requires pinching and zooming.

If you would like to see how mobile-friendly your website is you can enter your web site URL into Google’s Mobile-Friendly tool here.


Most importantly your focus should be placed on user engagement and user experience.
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The recent hype of ‘ Mobilegeddon’ has most importantly created an increased focus towards the necessity that your web site should not only be accessible for all users but enhance the user experience when viewed on multiple devices. The take away questions are – If you do not have a mobile-friendly website how is that effecting your brand? And, Is your website engaging users and providing the best user experience regardless of the device?

While user engagement takes into consideration who, what, when and where, user experience will ultimately decide whether your visitors have had a positive or negative experience with your brand based on their mobile or tablet experience visiting your website. A positive experience will determine if the user engages further with your brand, product or service.

Mobile and tablet use has been on a rapid rise for a while now and even though you may look a little ridiculous speaking on an iphone 6+ it is a great tool for browsing. Larger screens with higher definition coupled with our need to access information, services or a products now will continue to see high growth in mobile internet use. The good news is, it’s not too late nor too hard to have a mobile friendly web site. Depending on how your website has been developed originally you have the option to completely redevelop, convert your current site into a responsive site (with a little tweaking) or create a separate mobile based website. Personally I prefer responsive web development but that is the topic of many other articles on the web.

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